I believe that the thing about things and donating is that when you donate and share, you're killing two birds with one stone - you're helping someone and, at the same time, you're getting rid of clothes and things you don't use anymore! That is how I clean up my space, my shelves and closets. By handing things over to others, it's possible to help others and share what I have. I really like that the team at Otrā Elpa can survive on their own and provide for the shop, as well as coordinate the movement of goods and transfer a part of the money they make for charity.

Renārs Kaupers
Renārs Kaupers'Brainstorm'

I have this principle and belief that the things that are just lying around at home without use can definitely be useful to someone else. I free my house of such things and bring them to Otrā Elpa on a regular basis. They have contacts there - with animal shelters, hobby groups for kids, etc. Each thing I don't need anymore can experience its second wind. It seems to me that the more I see what kinds of things go to the Otrā Elpa bag, the more I get used to the idea that I don't need them anymore.

Agnese Kleina
Agnese KleinaPublisher and editor-in-chief of 'Benji Knewman'

Donating and giving a second wind to objects, things, books, furniture seems a component of a conscious life. The moment when you aware of what you are doing, why you are doing it and how your doing or not doing of something affects the world.

Kristīne Želve
Kristīne ŽelveWriter, director, culture journalist at LTV

Otrā Elpa (Second Wind) is a wonderful name for the process that takes place in the shop. It's the moment when an object gets a new wave of energy after the tiredness of its first use. I try to evaluate the objects necessary for my daily life as often as possible. I know that there are way too many things in our lives. The initiative to give away items that might currently be more useful to others than to myself empowers me! It's a joy - to realize that giving something away means gaining something!