Otrā Elpa is the pioneer of social entrepreneurship in Latvia, active since 2009. Our team has found an efficient way to raise the necessary funds to support charity and social projects. We are currently proud to have 5 shops – four in Rīga and one in Liepāja, and you can check how much we have achieved during this time under Good Deeds.
Along with four other experienced NGOs, Otrā Elpa established the Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia in the fall of 2015, and its goal is to advance the potential and development of social entrepreneurship in Latvia.
Our activity is based on the interaction of three basic values – charity, conservation of the environment and social responsibility. Our mission is to be an intermediary chosen by the society to run social projects, as well as promote the understanding of social values, positive social change and conservation of the environment.
The charity shops 'Otrā Elpa' are a place to catch your breath after the race in a world taken over by the modern rush. It is a place to multiply positive attitude and energy, to promote the good, to create joy for yourself and others.
In each of the shops, you can purchase various 'second life' items donated by private persons and organizations, as well as give away things that have unnecessary to yourself.

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The shelves of our shops aren't filled with goods ordered from factories, they have been provided by us! Each of us tends to have something at home that has ceased to be useful but can still be quite suitable for others. Goods donations help us begin the cycle of good deeds and help three groups of people at once:
  • those who can purchase good items from our shop at low prices;
  • those who are in crisis situations, shelters, orphanages, care homes, etc., and receive free goods as support from the shops;
  • those who are helped by realizing charitable initiatives using the proceeds.


These people turn the donated goods into real money. The low-price policy of Otrā Elpa helps to purchase goods at very affordable prices. At the same time, while making a purchase, people have helped themselves and also those who will be helped by the charitable initiative fulfilled after obtaining funds from the proceeds of the shop. Moreover, it's worth keeping in mind that donating and re-selling items that are of no use to us anymore is an environmentally-friendly action, since goods that would otherwise end up in a landfill are being used again and are helping to reach charitable goals.


In the relationship between donors and buyers, our shop is the place where the goods are exchanged. And the proceeds from this process are forwarded to fund specific charity initiatives which, in turn, will benefit the entire society in shorter or longer run, including the donors and buyers themselves.