For donors

We invite you to donate good, clean and functional items that might still be useful to someone! We do not accept damaged or unhygienic items.

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For volunteers

A great support in providing the activity of the shops are volunteers who help out of the goodness of their hearts. You have a chance to participate as well!

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We are a cooperative and energetic team of 15 people who are proud of their work and who are professionals at helping people donate and receive help in a simple and convenient way.

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  • They have contacts there - with animal shelters, hobby groups for kids, etc. Each thing I don't need anymore can experience its second wind.


    Agnese Kleina

  • Otrā Elpa (Second Wind) is a wonderful name for the process that takes place in the shop. It's the moment when an object gets a new wave of energy.


    Jānis Šipkēvics

  • Donating and giving a second wind to objects, things, books, furniture seems a component of a conscious life.


    Kristīne Želve

  • That is how I clean up my space, my shelves and closets. By handing things over to others, it's possible to help others and share what I have.


    Renārs Kaupers